Sony Won E3 By Letting Their Games Do The Talking


Wow! If 2015 was Sony’s so called “year of dreams,” then this year’s conference will have to go down as the moment when the company took fans to PlayStation nirvana and back.

Indeed, five superb exclusive titles opened this year’s conference, backed up by a succession of absolutely breathtaking VR announcements. The content demonstrated this year comprises perhaps the strongest E3 showing in a recent memory, maybe even ever, as Sony has once again shown that they know exactly how to win over the gaming community, and it isn’t with teraflops.


After tonight, the PlayStation 4’s games library has never looked more rock solid, and the conference reiterated Sony’s imperative for the console to be built around a substantial offering of exclusive content. The messaging is clear; games, games and more games. Sony is clearly intent on building the PlayStation 4 around this tangible and exciting premise, and that’s infinitely more compelling than the prospect of powerful future hardware.

After Microsoft’s own reasonably strong showing earlier in the day, Sony certainly had it all to do. Make no mistake; the Xbox One’s offering this year was also impressive, reiterating a decent, albeit slightly rehashed demonstration of their own new IPs such as Gears of War 4, Scalebound, and ReCore. Moreover, the conference had its own “mic drop” moment, punctuated by the announcement of both the Xbox One Slim and Project Scorpio.

The new hardware, quite unsurprisingly, generated a huge amount of excitement, and certainly Microsoft’s reveal was extremely well handled. They did a good job in conveying why gamers should appreciate the new console and its significant power hike, and the montage reel was definitely effective in detracting attention away from the fact that the old console is surely going to be obsolete in two years’ time.