Watch: Awesome Resident Evil 7 Mod Adds Classic Fixed Camera Mode


As is true for any long-running franchise, evolution is of critical importance in order to maintain relevance.

Arguably more than any other entertainment industry, video game trends change rapidly and Resident Evil, owing to its storied history, has certainly been through its fair share of transformations, and not always for the better. From fixed camera angles and over-the-shoulder perspectives to the first-person format adopted for Resident Evil 7, lovers of the series will naturally always have a personal preference for one of the three, sometimes to such an extent that fan projects such as these are spawned.

Over on YouTube, user Enveloping Sounds has shared their latest status report documenting the integration of a fixed camera mode – as seen in the classic games – for Ethan Winters’ nightmare encounter with the Baker family. Folks eager to check the mod out for themselves can do so by watching the video up above.

Considering Capcom never intended for the seventh mainline installment to be played in such a manner, several adjustments – including giving Ethan a visible head – have been necessary, and animations, such as for opening doors and brandishing weapons, look somewhat humorous. On the whole, though, this is a remarkable effort and one that seamlessly recaptures the spirit and atmosphere of vintage survival horror.

For purists, this is likely the most authentic nostalgia trip you’ll be able to get short of Capcom making the unlikely decision to revisit the dated format, though who knows what the future holds? With this year marking Resident Evil‘s 25th anniversary, the developer could well be intending to take a trip down memory lane, but for now, this is a welcome substitute.

As for what lies ahead, Resident Evil Village is scheduled for release on May 7th for current and last-gen consoles as well as PC. See here for all the latest details.