The Witness Confirmed For September Release On Xbox One

The Witness Screenshot 2

Critically acclaimed adventure/puzzle game The Witness will grace Xbox One next month, the game’s creator Jonathan Blow has confirmed to IGN. Originally released on PlayStation 4 and PC back in January, Blow has never completely ruled out an Xbox One version of the title, stating that he had “no plans” to do so shortly following the game’s launch, due to not wanting to divert resources, but that it could happen in the future.

In regards to potential changes between the Xbox One and existing versions, Blow says that “there are some technical differences” between them, but that they’re essentially indentical in terms of gameplay, as he felt that adding any additional content would “kind of… mess up the game.”

Having now conquered all the major platforms, could Blow be setting his sights on a potential mobile version that’s been hinted at in the past? The answer is yes, but it will require considerably more work than a simple port, as “it’s such a lower-end platform and we have to redo a ton of stuff,” admits the developer.

Regardless, the Xbox One release is a good start, and it’s a good thing that The Witness can now reach a wider audience, because it’s a superbly crafted video game. In fact, our own Shaan Joshi gave it top marks in his review, stating that “The Witness is not only a masterpiece of game design, but one that truly inspires and amazes without relying on traditional tutorials or restrictive hand-holding.”