16-Disc Friday The 13th Collection Arrives On Blu-Ray Next Week

Friday the 13th

Horror’s favorite hockey mask enthusiast hasn’t been seen on our screens in over a decade since the last attempt at rebooting the franchise, and with the legal issues surrounding the rights showing no signs of resolving themselves anytime soon, our only opportunity to get any fresh Friday the 13th content comes from fan films like Voorhees, which arrives on Halloween.

If low budget adaptations made by an eager yet inexperienced cast and crew aren’t really your thing, though, hopefully you’ve been saving up those pennies to buy the bumper 16-disc Friday the 13th collection on Blu-Ray that comes with a ton of never before seen behind the scenes content and remastered video and audio.

Unsurprisingly, the box set is available from the 13th of this month, but let’s just overlook the fact that it’s a Tuesday and roll with it. Coinciding with the 40th anniversary of the classic original that eventually saw Jason enter the pantheon of all-time great horror icons like Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger, the franchise is marked by inconsistency as any long-running brand is, but diehard fans will be keen to have all of the movies in the same place regardless.

As ComicBook.com explains, this new set includes:

All 12 films on 16 discs, plus all of the previously released bonus materials, a bunch of new bonus materials (full details below), a fancy slipcase (each film also comes in a separate Blu-ray case with the original theatrical artwork), a 40-page collectible booklet, new 4K transfers of Parts 1-4, and more

Coming in at a pricey $132.99, the Friday the 13th collection is certainly an expensive purchase, but also an essential one for the longtime aficionados given the sheer volume of bonus features, featurettes, commentary tracks and documentaries that come bundled with the box set. If you’re one of the folks struggling with the fact that we haven’t seen a new installment since 2009 and could end up waiting a while yet for another one, it might be time to crack open the piggy bank and splash out.