$550 Infinity Saga Blu-Ray Box Set Revealed, Releases Next Month


The MCU is done for the year – Spider-Man: Far From Home was the last release from the franchise in 2019 – but there’s still quite a bit to look forward to. After all, Phase 4 gets underway next spring and promises to bring with it a ton of exciting films – and TV shows! – that’ll help continue to flesh out and expand the franchise.

But for a while now, fans have been asking when they can expect to get a box set for the first three phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. True, the 23 MCU films released thus far are all available to purchase on Blu-ray individually, but we still haven’t seen the studio put out any sort of complete box set that bundles them all in one package. Thankfully, then, that’ll soon change.

Teased over the summer, The Infinity Saga is Marvel’s answer to the above issue, with the House of Ideas set to deliver the aforementioned box set which will bring us every MCU movie released to date. And according to Best Buy, it’ll be here next month. Though the outlet pulled the listing soon after it went live (clearly they put it up a bit ahead of schedule), a screenshot of the set has been doing the rounds online and you can check it out for yourself down below:

Looks pretty awesome, right? Set to retail for $549.99 and sure to top many Christmas lists, this whopping box set will include all “23 Marvel Cinematic Universe movies on both 4K UHD and Blu-ray, a letter from Kevin Feige, a Matt Ferguson lithograph, and a special bonus disc with deleted and extended scenes.” It’ll be available from November 15th and undoubtedly, will sell like crazy as this is something that fans have been calling for for a very, very long time.

Is it a bit on the expensive side? Sure, but there’s a lot of value in here and more than anything else, this is an item that any Marvel collector or fan will want to display proudly on their shelf, as it represents one of the greatest achievements in cinematic history and a journey like no other, with The Infinity Saga standing as one of the most thrilling, exciting and fan-pleasing sagas in any medium, ever.