8 Actors Who Were Sadly Wasted In DC Movies


As our previous lists of actors who were wasted in Marvel and X-Men movies proved, just because the comic book genre attracts some of the biggest names in Hollywood nowadays, it does not mean that they are used particularly well. In fact, we often see famous faces stuck in minor roles with the actors seemingly having signed on just to say they were in the film.

It’s not just Marvel movies that are guilty of this, however, as DC can also be held responsible for squandering talent in their movies. Let’s hope that the upcoming Suicide Squad – which features a stellar ensemble cast including Jared Leto, Margot Robbie, Will Smith and Viola Davis – makes sure to let each of its big names have a crack at the whip.

While we wait to see how David Ayer’s upcoming DC Comics adaptation turns out (thankfully, all signs are pointing to it being a hit), let’s take a look at eight stars who unfortunately failed to make much of an impact in their DC movie roles.

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