A cryptic ‘Scream 6’ tweet has horror fans screaming for the official trailer to drop

Image via SpyGlass Media

After the overwhelming success of Scream (2022) earlier this year, the super-sized hype surrounding Scream 6 — which stands as its working title for now — has been the talk of the town within the horror world over the last several months. At this point, though, we’ve yet to be rewarded with an official trailer for the franchise’s sixth installment. And yet, a recent cryptic tweet has increased the hopes and dreams of passionate fans everywhere.

As if the fanfare around the upcoming horror extravaganza wasn’t loud enough, it appears as though the hype is only about to increase from here on out. Over on Twitter, the official Scream account tweeted a train emoji, which is officially labeled by Apple as a Metro. And while the aforementioned tweet seemed innocent enough, it immediately propelled fans into praying for the trailer to drop sometime over the next few days.

In the replies, Scream diehards happily prepared themselves for the arrival of either a trailer or teaser soon, with many convinced that the tweet was meant to be a cryptic message to create further hype around the project.

Here it comes, indeed!

Just a breadcrumb of details, please…

It’s near. We can feel it in the air.

All jokes aside, we NEED to see this happen.

Considering the upcoming installment is set to switch up the narrative and utilize New York City as its primary setting, folks are confident that the use of the Metro train emoji was used to hint at the movie’s new setting. Such a bold move would make sense, seeing as NYC is known for its heavy inclusion of Metro trains and underground subways.

After it was recently announced that Scream 6 would be releasing much earlier than expected, the entire fandom has been chaotic while waiting for future updates. And while a cryptic tweet doesn’t specifically guarantee an official trailer, it’s still a positive sign that something is lurking in the pipeline.

Scream 6 slashes into theaters on March 10, 2023.