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Ace Ventura 3 Ready To Go, Just Waiting On Jim Carrey’s Final Approval

According to a Morgan Creek insider, Ace Ventura 3 is already to go, with the studio just waiting for Jim Carrey's final approval to begin production.

Ace Ventura

Next year’s Sonic the Hedgehog will see Jim Carrey returning to the big screen in 2020 and with early reactions to the film saying that he gives a fantastic performance, the actor could be poised to make a big comeback. In fact, by the looks of things, that’s definitely going to happen and it could even involve Carrey going back to some of the roles that made him such a huge star.

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Case in point: the Ace Ventura: Pet Detective franchise. We Got This Covered brought you the news the other week (which was later backed up by trusted tipster Daniel RPK) that a third installment might happen and from what we understand, several studios are interested in the project. But of course, there’d be no way to do it without Carrey’s involvement. Should he give his final approval though, the movie would start to come together very quickly.

Reaching out to Morgan Creek Entertainment (who produced the series) to confirm our earlier scoop, We Got This Covered was told the following:

If Jim Carrey is in, we’re in. We’ll take him any way we can get him. This is a chance to honor the nostalgia of the original films, but also introduce a whole new audience to the franchise!

So, while it sounds like it hasn’t officially moved into production just yet, it definitely seems like the pieces are starting to fall into place and with any luck, the new year will bring us some good news on this front and the project will finally get off the ground.

After all, it’s pretty clear that there’s a good deal of interest from Hollywood, and moviegoers, right now in having the iconic actor reprise his most beloved past roles, which tells us that the funnyman is still very much seen as a bankable star with a massive fanbase. And having him return for Ace Ventura 3 would no doubt make many, many people incredibly happy.