Adam Sandler Reportedly Plans To Stay At Netflix For A Long Time

Adam Sandler

From the outside looking in, Adam Sandler appears to have one of the sweetest deals in the entire industry. Thanks to Netflix’s bumper contract with his Happy Madison Productions, the star is set up for life. The 54 year-old is arguably the most reliable draw on the platform, to the extent that subscribers have spent the equivalent to over 200,000 years streaming his content, so he’d hardly be considering the idea of giving it all up.

Anything slapped with the Happy Madison branding is guaranteed to pull in big viewership numbers, and we now live in a world where David Spade can take top billing in a movie that draws in over 55 million streams in four weeks. Not only does Sandler have the creative freedom to do whatever he wants, but he doesn’t even have to appear on camera to ensure that his output as a producer hits big, while the deal still allows him to sign on to other projects outside of Netflix, as long as his company isn’t involved.

It’s little wonder, then, that insider Daniel Richtman is reporting this week that The Sandman has no intentions of going anywhere for a while yet. Happy Madison have called Netflix home since 2014, and the agreement between the two parties has been extended at least a couple of times since then. Given how well it’s turned out so far, it’s not shocking to hear that neither company is willing to abandon such a sure thing, with Richtman saying that the actor plans to keep making projects for them for a while.

Adam Sandler‘s next effort Hustle is expected to premiere on Netflix later this year, but he’s also venturing into uncharted territory with existential sci-fi The Spaceman of Bohemia, so things might not be so consistently formulaic in the future.