Alien Nation Remake Reportedly Back In Development At Disney

Alien Nation

1988 sci-fi Alien Nation was a moderate box office success when it was first released, earning a solid if unspectacular $32 million. An intriguing genre mashup of intergalactic adventure, buddy cop movie and neo-noir packed with cultural, societal and thematic subtext, it was exactly the sort of ambitious high concept that tends to find life as a cult classic.

That’s exactly what happened, and Alien Nation even spawned a multimedia franchise that includes an episodic show that ran for one season, while there were also five television films made between 1994 and 1997, not to mention a comic book and novel series. There’s plenty of potential in the premise to explore further, too, so it was hardly a shock when news of a remake started circulating in 2015.

Iron Man scribes Art Marcum and Matt Holloway were initially tasked to bring the project to life, before Midnight Special and Take Shelter director Jeff Nichols was announced to be writing and directing the following year. There was very little movement made on Alien Nation after that, though, and the remake was canceled altogether when Disney acquired rights holders Fox.

Alien Nation

However, a new rumor claims that the studio now wants the filmmaker to deliver his Alien Nation reboot as a feature film that could release either theatrically or on streaming, despite the fact that Nichols revealed earlier this year that the Mouse House had approached him about refitting the concept as TV series instead, which he responded to in kind by pitching the top brass with his plans for a ten-episode run.

There’s not much additional information made available, so it’s unclear as to how or why Disney have reportedly moved the goalposts once again in regards to Nichols’ plans for the potential franchise, but if it is back on the cards, more intel surely can’t be too far away.