Amber Heard Filed For Divorce Three Days After Johnny Depp’s Mom Died


One of the things that fueled the irrevocable breakdown of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s relationship was the fact that his mother never supported their union, and the latter reportedly filed for divorce mere days after she passed away.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star was still coping with this loss when Heard filed for divorce on May 23rd, 2016, kickstarting a court battle that soon spiraled into a whirlwind of controversy for both parties. According to media reports, Depp’s mom and sisters, and even his two children from the previous marriage all hated Heard and even close friends advised against tying the knot with the Aquaman actress, with his mother also thinking that she was a gold digger who wanted to use Depp to boost her career.

As Rolling Stone reported back then:

“Depp’s inner circle had begged him to not wed Heard or to at least obtain a prenup. Depp ignored his loved ones’ advice,”

Now, the defamation lawsuit filed by Depp against Heard has once again brought this whole shenanigan into the spotlight, with new evidence exposing the London Fields actress for physically and emotionally abusing Depp throughout their messy and toxic relationship.

Obviously, Depp’s family never publicly said anything against the actress, but rumors of their negative opinion remained potent and Heard filing for divorce three days after Betty Sue Palmer passed away led to many people speculating if it was done on purpose, especially since some reports indicate that their relationship hit the point of no return when Depp moved his mom into his LA compound, which he shared with Heard.

Conversely, a source close to Heard previously told People magazine that the actress was a devoted daughter-in-law during Ms. Palmer’s illness, saying:

“Amber was by Betty Sue’s side during this illness and regularly visited her in the hospital.”

At any rate, we’ll never know the truth for sure. One thing’s for certain, though; these reports don’t paint the actress behind the DCEU’s Mera in a good light.

Meanwhile, the petition to remove Heard from Aquaman 2 recently hit its goal, but Warner Bros. has yet to react to the backlash surrounding the actress in the wake of the newly released audio clip, which proves she was physically violent towards Johnny Depp.

Source: MeAww