Army Of The Dead Universe Reportedly Building Up To A Big Event Project

Army of the Dead

Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead is finally beginning to slip down the Netflix most-watched list, but spending two weeks at the higher end of the Top 10 is an impressive achievement for any of the streaming service’s original movies. Not only that, but it’s also broken a couple of records in the process and is on track to become one of the platform’s most popular in-house titles ever.

Of course, the filmmaker’s undead universe is only just beginning, with prequel Army of Thieves awaiting release and animated companion series Lost Vegas also in the works, while Snyder has additionally teased that he’s got some insane ideas in store for a sequel that feels inevitable at this stage, one which might even dive into greater detail about unanswered audience questions over zombie procreation, aliens, robots and the time loop theory.

Surely it’s only a matter of time before Netflix officially orders a follow-up, and insider Daniel Richtman now offers that all the Army of the Dead expansions are building towards what he describes as “a big event project,” although it isn’t entirely clear what that’s supposed to mean. After all, Army of Thieves and Lost Vegas are both prequels featuring characters that didn’t make it out of the movie alive, while a $100 million Zack Snyder blockbuster would surely be an event in its own right.

The tipster previously claimed that a live-action show is in development and a second feature-length installment could incorporate vampires, but until either Netflix or Snyder announce concrete plans for the future, it’s hard to gauge how a pair of prequels tie into a major event and right now, we’ll just have to wait for more information to be made available on what comes next in the present day Army of the Dead timeline.