Marvel Reveals Avengers: Endgame Blu-Ray Release Date With New Trailer


Marvel has officially announced the home release dates for Avengers: Endgame with an epic new trailer.

The Marvel Studios Twitter account shared the exciting news this morning (June 26th), revealing that fans can download the movie event of the year on digital in just over a month’s time on July 30th. As for the Blu-Ray/DVD release, that’s coming a couple of weeks later on August 13th.

In case you need to be reminded of why you should be counting down the days until you get to take Endgame home, the 60-second trailer above should do the job, as it crams in some of the most exhilarating, hilarious moments from the film. And of course, it’s full of spoilers.

Before you buy Endgame next month, it might be worth revisiting the movie in the theater at least one more time, though. This weekend, Marvel will re-release the culmination of the Infinity Saga in cinemas, with the 3-hour film’s runtime increased with 7 extra minutes of new material. The additional treats to be featured in this slightly extended cut include an introduction from co-director Anthony Russo, a Stan Lee tribute, an unfinished deleted scene starring the Hulk and a sneak peak at Spider-Man: Far From Home

Marvel will be hoping that this re-release will be enough to push Endgame‘s box office total past Avatar, meaning it takes the title of the world’s most successful movie of all time. As of last weekendEndgame managed to beat out the original theatrical gross of the James Cameron sci-fi flick. However, it still has about $38 million to go before it crosses its total amount. Whether it manages to do that or not this weekend though is totally up to whether the fans decide to head to theaters or just wait until July/August to watch Avengers: Endgame again.