Benedict Cumberbatch begs you not to spoil ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’

Venturing into the badlands of Twitter has become a very risky business since the Spider-Man: No Way Home embargo lifted roughly ten hours ago, and many folks have simply decided to give up any and all forms of social media until they’ve seen the movie for themselves.

That’s definitely a smart option when several reviews from high-profile publications have dropped plenty of spoilerific bombshells, but that hasn’t stopped Tom Holland’s third solo outing from racking up an early Rotten Tomatoes score of 100%, so it’s looking as though No Way Home might just live up to the hype.

Benedict Cumberbatch found himself being torn to shreds at the premiere when he decided to show up dressed as Tony Stark for whatever reason, but Marvel’s official Twitter account has now shared a video of the actor imploring people not to ruin the surprises for everyone else.

Is everyone going to take heed? Of course not, and you probably don’t have to dig too deep to uncover the minutiae of Spider-Man: No Way Home in painstaking detail. That being said, we’re just three days away from the world being able to see it, at which point it’s open season on spoilers anywhere and everywhere you go.