Captain America 4 Will Reportedly Introduce A Female Cap


Last Friday delivered the surprise announcement that Marvel is developing Captain America 4starring Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson now that he’s taken on the mantle of the Sentinel of Liberty in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The expansion of the Cap legacy will no doubt be a major theme in the new movie, then, and sure enough, it seems that Sam won’t be the only star-spangled hero in the film.

Tipster Daniel Richtman has shared that Marvel plans to introduce multiple Caps in Captain America 4. In fact, apparently there will be four of them in the movie. Sam is obviously one, with Wyatt Russell’s John Walker another. Eli Bradley is also said to suit up as Patriot after being introduced in Falcon, while the film will allegedly feature a female Cap, too.

There’ve been various female Captain Americas in the comics over the years, usually from future timelines or alternate universes. In fact, the MCU is about to introduce one in the What If…? animated series, with an episode imagining Peggy Carter taking the serum instead of Steve Rogers. It’s vaguely possible that Hayley Atwell’s alt-Peggy could be in Cap 4, but it’s hard to imagine how she would fit into the picture.

Could it be Peggy’s niece Sharon, though? Well, maybe, but she appears to be poised to go down a villainous route instead judging by the twist ending of Falcon. Perhaps it’s possible that this female Cap is Miss America AKA America Chavez, then. Xochitl Gomez is debuting as the character in Doctor Strange 2, and that’s no doubt just the beginning of a long MCU career. She seems like the strongest contender, too, especially given Mackie’s reported commitment to increased diversity in the project.

In any case, Captain America 4 has yet to find a director, but it’s to be written by The Falcon and the Winter Soldier writers Malcolm Spellman and Dalan Musson. And hopefully, we’ll learn more about the project soon.