Cruella Reportedly Features Disney’s First Out Gay Character


Cruella reportedly features Disney’s first ever out gay character.

Emma Stone has been attached to the 101 Dalmatians prequel for years and now, it’s finally almost here and it appears that it’ll feature a major milestone for the studio. Beyond the Trailer’s Grace Randolph has already seen the movie and though the review embargo doesn’t lift until next week, she’s revealed one thing that fans can expect from it.

Randolph reacted positively to Cruella, as directed by I, Tonya‘s Craig Gillespie, and teased that it features “the 1st officially out and proud” LGBTQ character in a Disney flick. She confirms that this character factors into the film as part of Cruella’s criminal gang. Randolph goes on to specify that it’s the part portrayed by actor John McCrea – who IMDb lists as Artie.

Disney has been edging closer to having an out gay character in one of its live-action movies over the past few years. 2017’s Beauty and the Beast, for example, heavily hinted that Josh Gad’s LeFou was in love with Gaston and later saw him dancing with another man. His sexuality wasn’t made explicit, though – that said, it was still enough to get the film censored in Russia – so Cruella‘s Artie could be pretty groundbreaking.

Following this, Jungle Cruise will go one further and have an openly gay character as one of its leads. Jack Whitehall’s role in the Dwayne Johnson vehicle is reportedly queer, as he’s playing McGregor Houghton, the brother of Emily Blunt’s character who tags along for the adventure. Slowly but surely, then, Disney is improving its LGBTQ rep. It’s taken far longer than it should have, of course, but the studio is getting there.

Cruella debuts in theaters and on Disney Plus Premier Access from Friday, May 28th.