Dan Harmon eerily foreshadowed Justin Roiland’s downfall over five years ago

Charley Gallay/Getty Images for TBS

As Adult Swim and the huge Rick and Morty fanbase struggle to micro-manage the controversy surrounding Justin Roiland and the domestic violence allegations leveled against him, the internet finds an old interview of his creative partner Dan Harmon foreshadowing his downfall by warning people that your heroes aren’t who you think they are.

Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon have never had any politically correct inclinations in their professional career, but what the former has been facing over the past week not only crosses a red line but also highlights every insensitive comment the pair have made about literally any subject over the past decade. Because besides Roiland saying a bunch of unsavory things about young women, even Harmon is walking a razor-thin line with his history of sexist remarks.

Now, as Rick and Morty fans endeavor to save the sinking ship that is their favorite R-rated animated show, an interview from five years ago featuring Dan Harmon is raising a few eyebrows due to how prophetic it turned out to be.

Discussing how Dr. Seuss hurt his wife by cheating on her while appearing on an episode of GameGrumps, Harmon said: “I’ll also augment that by saying like, yeah, all of your heroes… they’re all human and some part of them is terrible.”

Well, isn’t that the hard truth? Of course, it makes us wonder if Harmon knew all along that his friend was a piece of work or if it’s simply a part of his nihilistic outlook toward people and life in general.

Either way, those words from five years ago certainly take irony to a new extreme in light of recent developments.