Daniel Craig Says The Next James Bond Isn’t His Problem

No Time To Die
Photo via MGM

Daniel Craig isn’t an idiot, so he’ll be fully aware that the rest of his career will find him fielding questions about the James Bond franchise any time he hits the press circuit for his latest project. It comes with the territory, and even though predecessor Pierce Brosnan has admitted that he’s long since grown tired of it, he’s resigned himself to the fact it’s part of the package when you play a cinematic icon.

No Time to Die arrives in international theaters today, and the early reactions to Craig’s swansong as 007 have been encouraging. The 25th installment in the series is tracking for a bumper opening weekend at the box office, but once the dust settles, the focus will immediately turn to what comes next for cinema’s premiere secret agent.

As per The Independent, Craig was asked during No Time to Die‘s red carpet premiere if he had any preference over his replacement, to which he responded with a succinct “not my problem”. He may have hilariously ruled Hugh Jackman out of the running, but it’s clear that the actor’s association with Bond is almost at an end.

Luckily, the 53 year-old has a bit of a break before his next onscreen outing arrives, which is expected to be Rian Johnson’s Netflix sequel to Knives Out, so he’s got plenty of time to prepare himself for the inevitable deluge of James Bond inquiries that’ll follow him everywhere he goes for the rest of his days.