‘Deadpool 3’ will see Hugh Jackman reclaim a major Marvel movie record

hugh jackman logan wolverine
via 20th Century Fox

As you may have heard, an atom bomb was dropped on the Marvel Cinematic Universe last night when Ryan Reynolds confirmed that not only has Deadpool 3 claimed the release date a lot of fans suspected it would seize, but Hugh Jackman will be dusting off the claws to return as Wolverine – confirming one of the longest-running rumors we can remember.

Logan director James Mangold has already reacted to the news that his elegiac swansong for the mutton-chopped mutant will not mark the iconic X-Man’s final stand, but as Kevin Feige will no doubt continue to say for the coming years; anything is possible in the multiverse.

Having already dedicated close to two decade of his life to getting shredded for the part, the 53 year-old Australian will be gearing up to hit the gym in short order given that Deadpool 3 is landing in September 2024. One interesting caveat to come from the actor’s widely expected return is that he’s set to reclaim a Guinness World Record the second he appears onscreen, one that he only lost less than a year ago.

In the aftermath of Logan‘s massive critical and commercial success, Jackman was awarded a plaque commemorating his stint as having set the benchmark for “Longest Career as a Live-Action Marvel Character” at 16 years and 232 days. However, when Spider-Man: No Way Home dropped last December, the accolade was shared between Tobey Maguire, Willem Dafoe, and J.K. Simmons, who all reappeared 19 years and 229 days after Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man premiered.

By the time Deadpool 3 finally comes to theaters, over 24 years will have passed since Bryan Singer’s X-Men, so the record will be Jackman’s once again. He won’t come close to the all-time high, though, with Michael Keaton’s presence in DC’s The Flash coming to multiplexes a whopping 33 years after Tim Burton’s Batman, but at least he’s head of the Marvel pack.