Deadpool Will Reportedly Have A Full Supporting Role In Spider-Man 5 And 6

Deadpool-Spider-Man (1)

We’ve already seen seven Spider-Man movies in less than two decades with three different actors under the costume, along with a feature-length animation focused on Miles Morales and Tom Holland’s supporting roles in Captain America: Civil War and the third and fourth Avengers outings, but it looks like we’re set to see even more of the web-slinging superhero than ever over the next few years.

As well as the Into the Spider-Verse sequel, the new agreement between Sony and Marvel regarding the rights to the hero makes it more than likely that Spidey will feature heavily in the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters as the former expands their own shared universe, while there have been rumors that Marvel Studios could be planning up to nine solo outings for Peter Parker.

With a whole lot of Spider-Man-orientated content on the horizon, then, the various creative minds involved will need to continuously think of new ways to keep things fresh and interesting to prevent audiences from getting bored of seeing the web-slinging superhero every other year, and we’ve now heard that a certain Merc with a Mouth could have a substantial role to play in freshening up these adventures.

According to our intel – which comes from the same sources that told us Disney were working on live-action remakes of Bambi and Robin Hood months before the Mouse House officially announced either – once he’s fully integrated into his new surroundings, Deadpool is set to become a key supporting player in the MCU’s fifth and sixth Spider-Man movies.

While specifics aren’t available at the moment and it’s unclear exactly how he’ll factor into the plot, a team up between these two has been a top priority for fans ever since it was confirmed that Deadpool was heading to the MCU, and stars Ryan Reynolds and Tom Holland already seem to have struck up a firm friendship. Marvel Studios have never exactly been against the idea of loading up their movies with fan service, either, so it seems like just a matter of time before the duo get the chance to strike up their iconic relationship from the comic books on the big screen.