Deadpool And Captain Marvel Will Reportedly Team Up To Fight An Unexpected Villain


Every time Ryan Reynolds signs on to a new movie, it feels like the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Deadpool 3 gets that little bit further away. Unfortunately, the 43 year-old keeps adding projects to his plate having recently agreed to star in and co-write new Netflix comedy Upstate, expanding to his ever-growing to-do list.

In theory, before we even get to Deadpool 3, Reynolds needs to finish shooting Red Notice opposite Dwayne Johnson ahead of hitting the promotional trail for Free Guy and The Croods 2, which keeps him occupied for the rest of the year at least. Then from there, The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard is the only movie he’s got in the can, meaning that any one of the 6 Underground and Detective Pikachu sequels, his untitled time-travel project, the Clue reboot, a Hobbs & Shaw follow-up, family film Everyday Parenting Tips, video game adaptation Dragon’s Lair or a musical version of A Christmas Carol could potentially be next.

The Merc with a Mouth’s third standalone outing might be years off, then, but we’re nonetheless hearing that Wade Wilson could potentially show up in somebody else’s movie, and it isn’t exactly a hero the foul-mouthed assassin would appear to have a lot in common with. According to our intel – which comes from the same sources that told us Ben Affleck is returning for The Flash and Netflix is developingWitcher prequel, both of which were correct – Deadpool is tentatively penciled in to lend support in Captain Marvel 3.

The villain of Carol Danvers’ third adventure is said to be Shuma-Gorath, a tentacled inter-dimensional nightmare who’s been a regular foe of Doctor Strange over the years, but did cross paths with the Merc in this year’s comic book run Deadpool: The End. It would mark a major departure for both heroes if this was the direction Marvel ended up heading in, especially when Wade hasn’t exactly encountered many extra-terrestrial threats on the big screen so far, but the antihero teaming up with the straight-laced Carol Danvers to fight an enemy that’s been referred to in the past as both The Withering Devourer and The Void Made Flesh would be a truly unique sight to behold.