Disney Has Reportedly Cuts All Ties With Scarlett Johansson


Scarlett Johansson sued Disney in July for allegedly breaching her contract by releasing Black Widow on Disney+, and the company has reportedly cut all ties with Johansson in response, according to Giant Freakin Robot.

In late July, Johansson filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court, claiming Disney breached her contract by releasing Black Widow in theaters and on Disney+ simultaneously. The suit claims her salary was agreed to be primarily based on the theatrical release of Black Widow. Marvel reportedly agreed that the film would receive a theatrical release and not be released on Disney+ simultaneously. 

However, Black widow was released the same day on Disney+ as in theaters, breaking the agreement. Disney responded with a statement claiming the company “fully complied” with Johansson and that the simultaneous release “enhanced” her compensation on top of the $20 million she already received. 

According to Giant Freakin Robot, Disney has now cut all ties and projects with Johansson, including the upcoming Tower of Terror film. This also indicates that she will not reprise her role as Natasha Romanoff in the Marvel cinematic universe. The character was killed off in Avengers: Endgame, but it was possible for her to return in some capacity. 

It is also unclear what other unannounced Disney projects Johansson was involved with and how the two parties will move forward. 

Disney nor Johansson have released an official statement regarding this situation.