Disney Reportedly Looking To Buy MGM

No Time To Die

We’ve all accepted Disney as our all-conquering pop culture overlords, and it’s hard not to when you think of all the companies that fall under the Mouse House’s expansive portfolio. When viewed individually, the likes of Lucasfilm, Marvel Studios, Pixar, Walt Disney Pictures and Walt Disney Animation are among the most successful outfits in the history of cinema, and they all fall under the same umbrella.

Following the takeover of Fox, Disney is now the majority stakeholder in Hulu and are in the process of assuming 100% control, while the rebranded 20th Century Studios gives them another avenue for generating billions in revenue from movies and TV shows that don’t fit the family-friendly remit. Throw in the projections that Disney Plus could overtake Netflix as the world’s biggest streaming service by the end of next year, and you can see why many analysts are concerned about the complete monopolization of Hollywood by one entity.

That’s without even mentioning ABC, the 80% ownership of ESPN, 50% holdings in both The History Channel and Lifetime and, of course, the theme park empire. However, insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming that Disney aren’t done yet, with MGM said to be the latest former rival that’s being eyed for assimilation by the Mouse House.

It was reported late last year that the studio had hired advisors to explore potential avenues for selling up, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to find Disney at the head of that queue. MGM haven’t been regarded as a major force in Hollywood for a long time, with James Bond their only lucrative cash cow, but the company’s film and television assets were still valued at over $5 billion when news first broke of a potential sale. And with over 4000 titles in the back catalogue including plenty of all-time classics and some big shows, it would certainly be another valuable addition to the unstoppable Disney empire should it happen.