Disney Developing Beauty And The Beast Spinoff, Dan Stevens To Return


Beauty and the Beast stands as one of Disney’s most successful live-action remakes, with the movie grossing over $1 billion when it arrived back in 2017. Naturally, there was a lot of talk of a potential follow-up. However, what with the studio’s busy schedule since then, nothing has materialized to date. But now, it’s looking like the gears are finally starting to turn on a spinoff.

We Got This Covered has been told that the Mouse House is developing a Beast prequel movie which would see the return of Dan Stevens as the titular manimal. According to our sources – the same ones who told us Disney was doing an Aladdin sequel, before it was later confirmed – the project will focus on the Beast in his “early years,” presumably meaning the time he spent in his enchanted castle after the curse was put upon him before he met Belle. Because of this, Emma Watson is not expected to return.

It’s interesting that Disney are going this route, but I guess prequels and sidequels are the only kinds of sequels you can do with a story that’s so one-and-done like Beauty and the Beast. The original animated franchise featured a second and third film that were set during the period Belle and the Beast – still in his furry form – fell in love, but presumably, Disney have a good story hook in mind that’s even stronger, even if it means leaving out Watson.

If you’ll recall, back in 2017, Deadline reported that Disney had ruled out the idea of doing a straight-up sequel but were entertaining ideas for a spinoff or prequel. It’s also known that the studio initially had ideas to do more with Gaston, as well. Given what we’ve heard from our sources, it’s possible that this hope for more Gaston has been folded into the Beast prequel instead. After all, it wouldn’t completely break continuity if the Beast and Luke Evans’ villainous hunter had a rivalry before Belle came on the scene.

Tell us, though, do you like the idea of a Beauty and the Beast spinoff, just without the Beauty? Have your say in the comments section down below.