Disney Reportedly Developing Hercules Live-Action Remake

A drawing of Hercules and Philoctetes from the 1997 Disney “Hercules”

After the huge success of Beauty and the Beast, Disney seems determined to give the live-action treatment to all of their animated classics. Last year alone saw Dumbo, Aladdin and The Lion King hit cinemas, with Lady and the Tramp releasing on Disney Plus and Mulan landing in theaters pretty soon.

Of course, we also know that they’re working on adaptations of The Little Mermaid, The Sword in the Stone, Pinocchio, The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Lilo & StitchBut there’ve been persistent whispers that the studio has Hercules on their list, too. And it makes sense, as a live-action adaptation of the 1997 pic really seems like a no-brainer. Unfortunately, Disney has yet to officially announce anything, but it seems that may change soon.

If you’ll recall, We Got This Covered told you back in the summer that the House of Mouse was working on a Hercules adaptation, with Alexander Skarsgård said to be eyed for the lead role. And while it’s unclear if he’s still in the running, trusted insider DanielRPK has now corroborated our scoop, taking to Twitter to tell his followers that it’s “just a matter of time” before Disney announces the project.

Unfortunately, the tipster doesn’t mention when exactly we’ll get an announcement, but at this stage, it seems like a certainty that a live-action adaptation is indeed in development and will be revealed before the year is out. After all, with news of a Bambi adaptation breaking this week, it looks like Disney is now ready to unveil the next few movies that’ll be receiving the live-action treatment.

Tell us, though, who would like to see star in the Mouse House’s upcoming Hercules adaptation? Sound off with your thoughts in the usual place down below.