Disney Plus Reportedly Introducing An 18+ Section Soon


When Disney completed their takeover of Fox, they acquired a number of potentially lucrative properties, although many of them sit firmly outside of the company’s family-friendly wheelhouse. After all, while most of the focus was immediately placed on Marvel Studios being handed the rights to the X-Men, Deadpool and Fantastic Four, the Mouse House also picked up some huge money-spinning franchises that appeal to more mature audiences, like Alien and Predator.

Of course, Disney Plus has already added the majority of Fox’s superhero blockbusters, but there are still some glaring exceptions, such as Logan. That’s hardly a surprise when the platform isn’t exactly designed for violent and foul-mouthed genre movies, and as you’re surely aware of, there are currently no R-rated titles to be found in the vast content library at all.

However, insider Daniel Richtman now claims that could be about to change, with the studio reportedly gearing up to introduce an adult-orientated 18+ section that will presumably be locked behind a parental control for obvious reasons. This makes sense, too, because Disney have a whole host of classic brands at their disposal that they can’t really do anything with, and adding them to the in-house streaming service could potentially drive up subscriber numbers.

Not only would this mean that we’d see Logan and Fox’s Deadpool duology dropped onto Disney Plus to further expand the Marvel Legacy collection, but as mentioned above, the entire back catalogue of Alien and Predator movies are also owned by the Mouse House now. Then there’s Matthew Vaughn’s Kingsman series, Die Hard and even horror fare like The Omen and The Fly. The corporation have already set their sights on world domination, so it seems like a no-brainer to add such an impressive roster of R-rated movies into the mix, as long as they make it impossible for younger viewers to get hold of them.