Disney Reportedly Wants To Do A Mandalorian Prequel Movie

The Mandalorian

The Star Wars saga’s first dip into live-action TV was unsurprisingly a major success, with Disney Plus’ The Mandalorian becoming an immediate hit when it landed last November. It’s often said that the show managed to unite the fractured fandom in a way that possibly no other entry in the franchise in the Disney era has managed to do. It’s not a shock, then, that Lucasfilm is reportedly looking to expand the world of the series onto the big screen.

We Got This Covered has been informed by our sources – the same ones who said [SPOILERS] would be revealed as a traitor in The Rise of Skywalker and who told us about the Rey/Palpatine twist in the film months before it released – that the studio is seriously considering making a Mandalorian movie due to the popularity of the show. Pedro Pascal would obviously return as the titular character, and the idea is that it would be a prequel exploring his life as a bounty hunter prior to the events of the first season. To clarify, this isn’t officially in the works as yet, but Disney is definitely keen on the idea, we’re told.

A movie spinoff has always been on the cards for the series, too. Back when it first arrived, Disney CEO Bob Iger came clean that a Mandalorian film could happen if the show proves to be a lucrative venture. I think we can safely say that it has, so it only makes sense that Iger and co. would be actively thinking about bringing it into theaters.

The only downside with the prequel angle is that it would mean cutting out The Mandalorian‘s greatest asset – Baby Yoda. Din only encounters The Child for the first time in the season 1 premiere, so the little guy couldn’t feature in a prequel film. Pascal’s lead character is great, but it’s his dynamic with the adorable puppet that’s the heart of the show. Still, as much as no Baby Yoda is a downer, there remains a lot of story potential to explore in this concept.

How exactly this would fit in with their plans to make five seasons of the series, with season 2 currently filming, that we don’t know. Presumably this potential film would have to happen many years down the line, but until we learn more, tell us, how do you feel about a Mandalorian movie? Let us know in the comments section below.