Disney Will Reportedly Replace Star Wars Sequel Trilogy Characters In Galaxy’s Edge

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Before COVID-19 swept through the world, Star Wars fans relished the experience of a lifetime by going to Galaxy’s Edge and drowning in the theme park’s numerous attractions, all centered around the galaxy far, far away and its characters.

The House of Mouse opened the area to the public in May 2019 after three years of development, promising enthusiasts the ultimate Star Wars immersive experience. From Savi’s Workshop, where you can create and purchase your custom lightsaber, to Mubo’s Depot that offers the same function but with droids, the area is laden with all sorts of activities that do their best to suspend your disbelief, if only briefly, that this may have once been part of a fictional universe. And as is the case with Disneyland, many iconic Star Wars characters also roam the park and interact with the guests, though at the moment, most of them are from the Sequel Trilogy timeline.

That will apparently change soon, though, as a new rumor suggests that Disney wishes to replace the current attractions with familiar faces and settings from their new hit series, The Mandalorian. Apparently, attendees don’t want to “see Rey or Emo Ren that killed Han Solo” and are instead eager for the likes of Mando, Baby Yoda, Ahsoka and even Luke Skywalker.

There’ve been reports time and again about a conflict brewing among executives within Lucasfilm about the kind of direction Star Wars should take, especially in regards to the amount of backlash surrounding the sequels. And while there isn’t strong evidence to back this claim just yet, it would be an ironic development to realize that the creators are just as divided as the fandom when it comes to determining what the galaxy far, far away should be about.

The report also says that Disney Parks chairman Josh D’Amaro, at the behest of Bob Iger, has started the process of determining the costs and logistics for making this transition in both of the Galaxy’s Edge theme parks, so it certainly seems that the Mouse House is determined to see it through in the near future.