Disney Plus Reportedly Adding R-Rated And Adult Content


There’s no denying that Disney Plus is great value for your money, with the studio’s entire back catalogue of animated classics available at the push of a button along with their hugely lucrative stream of live-action remakes, not to mention countless TV shows and big-name properties like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Wars, The Simpsons and Pixar.

Hamilton may have given them the most-watched title across any streaming platform in July, but with the exception of the upcoming exclusive release of $200 million blockbuster Mulan, there’s a relative dearth of high-profile original content to be found on Disney Plus, or any sort of content for that matter that appeals to older audiences once they’ve worked their way through the major titles.

Having acquired Fox in a multi-billion dollar takeover, the Mouse House’s quest for total domination of popular culture continues, and they’ve picked up the rights to some major franchises that don’t exactly seem to fit their family-friendly remit. However, trusted insider Grace Randolph has claimed that Disney Plus could soon be adding a whole host of more mature Fox and Touchstone content that would be locked behind a parental control.

A lot of people expected that the biggest Fox movies would be sent to Hulu, but we all know that Disney are very much a financially-driven entity, and given that they only own 67% of Hulu and would therefore have to split the profits, whereas Disney Plus is 100% theirs, this latest report would certainly make sense. If Randolph’s scoop turns out to be true, then, we could soon be seeing franchises like Die Hard, Alien, Predator, Kingsman, Planet of the Apes and more heading to the streaming service along with standalone titles like Armageddon, Con Air, Unbreakable and Enemy of the State.