Dream Cast For The Hunger Games Sequel Catching Fire

The Hunger Games will finally be viewable on the big screen on March 23, and the first full-length trailer for the film has premiered. All of the hubbub surrounding Hunger Games casting has slowly died down, and all that is left to do is patiently await the film, at peace (or not) with the decisions made about it.

You know what that means: it’s time to start wildly guessing about the sequel, Catching Fire. There’s definitely going to be a second film, and recent talk says that Lionsgate is looking to Oscar-winner Simon Beaufoy to script it. But hey, let’s talk about the more exciting stuff, like who will play Finnick, Mags, Johanna, Beetee and Wiress?

I’ve compiled this list of my dream choices for said roles. Keep in mind – these are dream choices. I only chose pretty famous people, and each of them is appropriately aged for the role. We all know that there will probably be a few unknowns cast and that book adaptations hardly ever remain true to age with their characters.

Without further ado, here’s my Catching Fire dream cast:

Finnick Odair – Zac Efron

Hear me out on this one: Finnick is an incredibly handsome, muscular 24-year-old, just like Zac Efron. Finnick is described as having golden skin, bronze-colored hair and stunning sea-green eyes, which is almost the exact way that I would describe Zac Efron. Finnick is bold and intimidating, unlike Efron, but he has a soft side, as evidenced by his relationship with Annie.

Clearly – Efron is Finnick’s real-life twin. That’s honestly just based on objective fact. Efron’s almost exclusively played sensitive types, like in High School Musical and Charlie St. Cloud, but if he could pull off Finnick’s tough side, he’d be absolutely perfect.

Mags – Cloris Leachman

This was a much more difficult choice. Mags is said to be about 80, and she isn’t really given a physical description. She’s just a frail, old lady. She’s vital to the story and she’s supremely bright, but she doesn’t even really talk. On top of that, there are hardly any American actresses still working around the age of 80.

Who does this bring me to? Cloris Leachman. Yes – she’s the first, and only, actress in her 80s that came to my mind, but I feel like she’d be interested in the quirky role. She made out with Jack Black on The Office and did Dancing With the Stars; I could definitely see her being carried across a beach by Zac Efron in Catching Fire if she was asked.

Johanna Mason – Ellen Page

In the books, Johanna is described as a hardcore 20-something with wide-set brown eyes and short, brown hair. She won her Games by pretending to be weak, when she was secretly a fierce competitor. She’s very athletic, lithe and warrior-like.

Physically, Ellen Page seems like a pretty good match for Johanna to me; I can even see her cutting her hair. I always felt kind of a feminine/masculine balance with Johanna, that Page pulled off really well in roles like Juno and Hard Candy. Page also has the intimidating thing down. She’s small, but I wouldn’t want to get in an argument with her.

Beetee and Wiress – Michael Emerson and Helena Bonham Carter

These two District 3 tributes are said to have ashen skin and dark hair. They are both older than our main characters, with Beetee likely to be in the 50-60 range and Wiress landing at about 40.

Beetee is kind of a genius, manipulating the Games with his wiring skills, and he wears ill-fitting glasses. My pick? Michael Emerson. He was flawless in Lost, where he played a similarly sage-like character, and he’s the one I pictured Beetee as when I read the book.

Wiress is a different story. The girl is cookoo for Cocoa Puffs. Johanna refers to her as “Nuts,” instead of her actual name, and she can only be understood by Beetee. (Except for when she cryptically murmurs “tick, tock,” of course.) Who better to play her than Helena Bonham Carter, an aficionado of portraying pale, crazy ladies?

There you have it. I’m not sure if any of these actors or actresses would even be interested in Catching Fire if they were asked. But if The Hunger Games does particularly well at the box office and with critics, who knows what kind of A-listers would be jumping on the bandwagon.

What do you think? Who’s your Finnick? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Elena Acsays:

    I haven’t thought of Zac as Finnick, but I actually really like that idea! I was thinking Garrett Hedlund or Armie Hammer. And for Johanna, I hadn’t thought about Ellen, but I love that idea! I was thinking someone more like Naya Rivera, but Ellen Page is now definitely one of my choices.

  2. Hallie Andersonsays:

    I thought Zac Efron would be perfect as the role of Finnick! But I remember Johanna having blonde hair, whoops!!

    1. Desireesays:

      Me too! I didn’t think she had brown hair xD Oh well… Hahaha, because if she did, I think I’d see maybe Kristin Bell pullin’ her off x3

  3. Hallie – Johanna definitely has brown hair. I wasn’t sure either originally and had to look it up, haha.

    and Elena – I didn’t think of Naya Rivera..she’d be a pretty good choice too. She’s definitely very tough.

  4. Starsareabovesays:

    Perfect cast but for Ellen Page, not seeing her as Johanna…I hope you are right!

  5. estrella49says:

    ughh zac for Fnnick thats a big NO!!!

  6. Lynnsybilsays:

    Loved your picks…except for Zac Efron as Finnick. That’s probably just a generational thing though.

  7. Lynnsybilsays:

    Loved your picks…except for Zac Efron as Finnick. That’s probably just a generational thing though.

  8. Vazk12says:

    no to zack efron!

  9. Sally Annsays:

    Yes to all! I can’t wait for the hunger games to come to theatres because it’s gonna be awesome.  Ellen Page is so pretty I hope she’s in catching fire! Oh yeah, if you want to enter some hunger games contest I found a really neat one https://www.facebook.com/AllianceFilms?sk=app_244493418949102 Go Katniss!

  10. Chadsays:

    I’ll give this movie the benefit of the doubt. However, it sounds a lot like a North American take on Battle Royale – which is a great and original film.

    1. Chadsays:

      Its lack of originality is a deterring factor.

      1. SammyKaysays:

        Hipster alert. Be on your way, troll. I’m over the BR references.

      2. Chadsays:

        I’m not a hipster, nor am I a troll.

        My comment wasn’t out of line, or out of place. There are some very obvious comparisons between the two projects.

        Being a big Battle Royale fan, it sort of pisses me off. But, I’m not condemning this project at all.

      3. ChrissyBell4says:

        I agree, there are similarities  between the two. However, there are some big differences. Yes Battle Royal came first. However, I think you should give the Hunger Games a shot. You may be surprised and like it more than you think.

      4. nvrmndmsays:

         Similarities Yes, But I do think Collins came up with the book on her own. Would it really be that hard to look at A. War B. Reality TV. C. Government and not be able to come up with this? And THG becomes A lot more then B R
        But comparing it is like saying it’s like twilight ,Which it isn’t[ the triangle really isn’t that prominent in the books ] If you take the triangle from T H G it’s a story about survival,sacrifice,War,Rebellion, power. Take the triangle away from Twilight and it’s a story about an awkward girl who moves to a town where it rains a lot.

      5. Amysays:

        You should read it though… great book 🙂

  11. Yes to your Beetee and Wiress. I’d love to see HBC repeatedly say ‘tick-tock’ LOL

  12. Alexsays:

    No to all.  But I don’t think I will be satisfied no matter who is chosen.  I need some newbies.

    1. Emily Estepsays:

      I’d like some perfect-fitting newbies too. I feel like that would never happen though. :/

  13. whatsays:

    are you f#####ing kidding me zach effron?!!?!?!?! helllllllllllllllllllllllll no.

    1. Awesomenessisinfrontofurfacesays:

      @what dude I mean if you read the book I does say that and Zac does have a tough side I mean he didn’t get all depressed because he and Vanessa broke up and she started dating Josh HOTcherson. I mean from what I heard the guy from TRON legacy (the guy who plays Sam Flynn) might be playing finnick who would you chose him or Zac? Me I might go with Zac, but I honestly think it would be “Sam Flynn” 🙂

      1. justbeingmemosays:

        FyI she doesn’t /didn’t date hutcherson . She’s been going out with some other actors

  14. whatsays:

    zoe saldana as johanna. totally.

    1. Desireesays:

      HAHAHAHAHA, what brought you to that conclusion? x3

    2. No – Although It’d be funny to add another dark skinned actor to the list -Shut all the idiotic people up – But still No, She would be larger budget to get and take to much attention from Lawrence

  15. JFSawyersays:

    The casting for beetee and wiress is a great great dream, Micheal emerson & HBC sharing a screen if that happened i might actually explode!!!

  16. Sarah_lum2000says:

    i love all these choices except finnick…what about paul walker??

    1. Maria Lee9says:

      paul walker is way older than 24 lol. i think zac is perfect, he’s beautiful plain and simple and he’s the right age! and when i read it all i do is picture him i don’t get why people are getting upset. 

      1. jewelwsays:

         I really dislike Effron just because , HSM made me want to puke and he hasn’t proved his really that good-My opinion. But I admit when I started reading C F and I really disliked Finnick …I pictured an EffronISC guy- But otherwise NONE of the actors people are picking work- No one will ever be perfect enough to become Finnick

  17. Pinksays:

    OMG!!!!!! they would all be great for these characters. Especially ZACH EFRON AND HELENA BOHAM-CARTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. ChrissyBell4says:

    Okay here are my thoughts.
    Zac Effron is a dead ringer for Finnick. I honestly think, under good direction, he could pull off Finnick’s cocky/charming act. But what makes me say him, is in the third book he gets depressed and a little off the rocker. I think Zac could pull that off perfectly.I am not sure about Ellen Page as Johanna. I could see her doing it, but I don’t think she could get the right kind of bitchy. But she could always surprise me.As for Mags, my first though is Rosemary Harris ((Tobey Maguire’s aunt in Spider Man)). Granted spider man sucked, Rosemary is frail and older as well. She also does not have a comedic feel to her, like we get with a lot of older female actresses. I feel Mags was mostly serious with a slight bit of joy. This is why I picture Rosemary Harris. She is serious, can get away without talking a lot and has a smile that can warm your heart.I haven’t given a lot of thought to Beetee, seeing as I would love to see Christopher Lloyd play the role, but he is too old. I do not know the actor you suggested, so I will have to trust you on that.As for Helena Boham Carter as Wiress, I am going to have to say no. Yes Helena plays an amazing crazy. Yes she is known for the crazy roles. However, I have never seen/heard her drop her accent. I don’t think she would be a good fit unless she could drop her accent. My choice for Wiress is Juliet Landau ((Drusilla from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel)). She is an American Actress in her 40’s. She can pull of crazy just as well as Helena Boham Carter. It would give me goosebumps to hear her go “tick tock”. And on top of all of that, even though I am supposed to love the character, I would love to see her get her throat slit.

    . . . I’m just saying.

    1. ChrissyBell4says:

      I have just thought of a decent actress for Johanna. Selena Gomez. She has that weak look to her, like she is not a threat. And she has the ability to perfectly pull of the attitude. I think, with a little bit of make-up, she could look old enough for the role.

      1. Desireesays:

        I think Selena Might be a good Johanna as well, I think she could really pull off the warrior attitude xD

      2. I could have definitely gotten behind that casting choice.

      3. Atomowkasays:

        no way!!!! RUIN IT!! 

      4. critacasysays:

         Oh NO keep Disney FAR FAR FAR away from THG …
        Although My question is where is the pick for Annie? My pick for her is Emmy Rossum.[ Day after tomorrow,Phantom of the opera.] PER. FECT.

      5. I think she could pull it off fo’sho. but it would depend on when the movie comes out. She is getting out of disney but she’s not there yet and she would have to be pretty well separated from that for anyone to take her seriously. personally i can’t wait to see her get out, I love her.

  19. I never thought about Efron, but he would make an interesting Finnick.When I read the book I always imagined Alex Pettyfer for the role with someone like Brittany Snow as Annie. She could totally do unstable.

    1. Desireesays:

      I’d have to say Efron and Pettyfer would be my only choice for Finnick, haha. I’m not sure about Annie, because I don’t exactly remember how she was described, if she was described at all.

  20. Emmasays:

    i like NONE of ur cast, no offense, helen and emerson TOO old, zac, i CANNOT take seriously, and ellen page? oh god no. i want someone hardcore for johanna.

    1. nicckstersays:

      how are helena and emerson too old? in the novels wiress was in her mid 40’s while beetee was in his 50’s to 60’s. and if i am correct, helena bonham carter is 45 (which is mid 40’s haha) and michael emerson is 57 which falls in the category of 50-60.

    2. jewelwsays:

      I think Ellen Page could pull it off….Remember she was over looked in the arena.And katniss calls her frail -Besides her personality
       And page has the talent to pull it off- I’ve always seen her as Johanna ever since I first read Catching Fire.

    3. Emily Estepsays:

      Have you seen Hard Candy? Ellen Page is pretty hardcore.

  21. Auronsays:

    Efron as Finnick? !. he’s too short 2. he does’t have the build. and most of all 3.he does’nt come off as a killer or badass in any way shape or form! please please please don’t turn these movies into more crap like twilight fit only for teenage girls and lonly house wifes…. the books are to damn good to ruin!

    1. Desireesays:

      First of all 1. How the hell is he short? 2. He totally /DOES/ have the build and 3. He could pull off the cocky attitude.

      You need to give him a friggin’ chance. It’s not gonna be a teenage girls movie, I just see Efron matched up as Finnick BECAUSE he looks mostly like him.

  22. Being conscious that he is 10 years too old, I always imagined Finnick being over the lines of Justin Hartley… I think you are totally dead on Wiress tough! And I can’t really picture Ellen Page playing Johanna, but I always had trouble imagining who could play her.

  23. Desireesays:

    I love ALL of them! I never really thought of Efron as Finnick Odair, but I think it would be a GREAT match! I always remembered Johanna as blonde x3 If only she WERE blonde, then I would choose Kristin Bell to play her. I LOVE the idea of Hellena playing as Wiress! And Christopher Lloyd seems like the best option for Beetee 😀 All the actors and actresses you paired the characters with are GREAT matches. Hope to see them all in the movie! :3

  24. guestsays:

    All of thoose people match the discriptions in the book perfectly. that would be cool if thoose were the charecters !

  25. Emiliesays:

    my finnick have red hair but i’m totaly agree with Johanna mason

  26. Atomowkasays:

    I think the rest are ok expect Zac Efron! NO WAY HE WOULD RUIN THE FILM!!! 

  27. You'll Never Knowsays:

    I like the choices but I don’t know about Zac Efron or Alex Pettyfer.. I like Garret Hedlund for Finnick. And I like Astrid Berges Frisbey for Annie. 😀 I’m really excited for the movie! xo

    1. Kaleasays:

      not pettyfer,Pettyfer has the acting skills of a lima bean….We just really never notice because well….He takes his shirt off in every movie he’s in so….

  28. Trinidi116says:

    Nicely done. An alternative for Zac Efron… Chase Crawford? Those were the two I thought of. But perfect!!! And I always pictured Annie as Zoey Deschanel!

    1. Emily Estepsays:

      Great suggestion. I could totally get behind Chase Crawford for Finnick.

  29. anonsays:

    Zack Effron? Really? First off, NO. Second, NO. Third, Finnick is tawny, so NO. The only one you seemed to get right was Mags, and your wiress chara is a good idea but no.

    1. anonsays:

      oh, and btw, Zack looks more like Peeta should have been, but even that would not be right because PEETA IS BLOND. So in other words, ZACK EFRON DOES NOT BELONG HERE. What do you wanna do turn the hunger games into twilight?

  30. benjamin stone for Finnick<3 I could def see Pettyfer or Grant Gustin too though.
    Efron couldn't pull it off. He's too far into disney after HSM no one would be able to take him seriously as Finnick. Besides the last thing we need is a bunch of obnoxious teenaged girls ruining this series the way they have Twilight. 
    Would LOVE to see Carter as Wireress though. That would be fabulous.

  31. Beccasays:

    I’ve never been much of a Zac Efron, but actually, I think he might be a good choice for Finnick…
    His High School Musical fame might ruin the movie a bit, but the looks and attitude are just right, I think…

  32. Emma Stone or Mila Kunis for Johanna! They are sassy enough.

  33. Sara Raisonsays:

    Epic failure! Don’t use Zac Efron

  34. Randomsays:

    Good choices but I don’t think Zac Efron could play a good Finnick and I’m not really sure about Ellen Page, but then I think Johanna and Finnick are really original and anyone who plays them i’ll see them too weird.

  35. Narutoepicdavidsays:

    i think garret hedlund would be perfect for finnick.

  36. Why do you care?says:

    I want James Gaisford should play fiinick. Whatever you do DON”T PUT ROBBERT PATTERSON IN IT!

  37. Tracy Baumgartensays:

    i agree hell no to zack. i want tatum channing. and no to emerson and Helena Bonham Carter

  38. kayrisssays:

    Steve Bucsemi – BeeTee, Sean Young – Wiress (although she may cause too many problems), Pink – Johanna, Cloris Leachman – Mags, Maybe Chris Pine for Finnick?

  39. Amysays:

    I imagined Finnick to have blonde hair, freckles and sea blue eyes… although, i don’t usually read descriptions of characters in books, I prefer to imagine them myself 🙂

  40. Amysays:

    I also reckon Sam Claflin is a good choice for Finnick though…. 😀

  41. Biggest hungar games fan eversays:

    I think Zac should have been Peeta and Betty White as Mags

  42. hungergamesnerd13says:

    I think Zac Efron would have made an awesome peeta :-*

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