Dwayne Johnson teams up with another banished DCU star in new image from his next potential franchise-starter

black adam
Photo via Warner Bros.

James Gunn and Peter Safran didn’t waste any time in stamping their mark on the DCU, and even if plenty of folks are pissed about the duo’s first several major orders of business, we’d bet that none of them are as unhappy as Dwayne Johnson.

After all, the one-time Black Adam has now taken to rewriting the history books to claim that he wasn’t planning an ambitious expansion of the franchise revolving entirely around the Man in Black, even though he and his team said the exact opposite many times over while hitting the promotional trail with a vengeance.

SnyderVerse veteran Henry Cavill is also out of the door, while Ben Affleck is surely destined to join him in the immediate future, but one of the most overlooked veterans of the DCU’s early years who we’d have loved to see more of is unquestionably J.K. Simmons’ Jim Gordon.

The Academy Award-winning star was pitch-perfect casting, but he was given barely any screentime in Justice League, and a couple of additional moments in the Snyder Cut, before his comeback in Batgirl was killed entirely. Needless to say, it’s a little ironic to see The Rock celebrating the collaboration between two deposed DC favorites, but at least Red One is virtually guaranteed a franchise.

With Prime Video footing the bill for the festive action comedy blockbuster, box office dollars don’t factor into the equation at all, so while we won’t see Black Adam and Jim Gordon coming face-to-face in an unlikely crossover for the ages, Johnson and Simmons should be having plenty of Yuletide frolics to tide them over.