Emily Blunt Reportedly Considering Suing Disney Over Jungle Cruise

Emily Blunt

We could be set for a domino effect with the potential to have a seismic impact on the film industry if Scarlett Johansson launching legal action against Disney for breach of contract in regards to Black Widow‘s Premier Access release sees more of her contemporaries follow suit.

Emma Stone has already been touted as the next to get in on the action after Cruella‘s box office prospects were severely hampered by the 101 Dalmatians origin story scoring a hybrid release, and we’re now hearing from our sources – the same ones who told us Luke Skywalker was being lined up for an appearance in The Mandalorian long before the Season 2 finale – that Emily Blunt is weighing up her options in the wake of Jungle Cruise.

The big budget adventure only premiered in theaters and on Premier Access yesterday, but depending on how the Johansson situation pans out, Blunt may be well within her rights. When it was first announced that Jungle Cruise‘s release model had been shifted, it was revealed that the filmmaking teams were presented with a number of options before the final call was made, but there was no mention of Blunt, who was under a talent-only deal.

Jungle Cruise

Let’s not forget there was talk Blunt and John Krasinski were locked in a pay dispute with Paramount over A Quiet Place Part II only getting a 45-day theatrical window before heading to the studio’s platform, so she’s evidently not above seeking compensation for loss of profit participation earnings.

If the Mouse House didn’t alter Johansson’s talent contract, then it stands to reason they may not have made any changes to Blunt’s, either. Jungle Cruise is expected to top the box office this weekend, but we could soon be hearing about some serious behind the scenes disgruntlement.