Evil Dead Rise Might Be Set In A Skyscraper

The Evil Dead

Sam Raimi’s 1981 on-screen splatter-fest of evil demons versus chainsaw-wielding Ash Williams is finally receiving a new sequel and the details are slowly trickling in. The latest movie in Raimi’s Evil Dead franchise was originally titled Evil Dead Now before being changed to Evil Dead Rise. And the name change might hold a clue as to the setting and plot of the new outing.

According to intel that Bloody Disgusting has obtained from a source, the next Evil Dead movie will take place in a building or skyscraper, which explains why ‘Rise’ might have been added to the amended title. And while it’s only a rumor at this point, it does seem like a strong possibility and sure wouldn’t be the first horror film to play with the ‘get out of this building alive’ trope. Let’s also not forget that Bruce Campbell went on record during a recent interview to state that there’s “no more cabin in the woods.” And while that could mean absolutely any location is fair game, the skyscraper theory is potentially in the running.

Raimi had teased the return of the franchise last year when he said that he’d been discussing potential revival ideas with series star Bruce Campbell and producer Robert Tapert. The filmmaker even expressed his own surprise at the long-standing popularity of the franchise, saying, “I never considered it as anything other than it was. A good drive in flick. I’m surprised it’s lasted this long.” And the original movie is, in fact, still being screened at drive-in theaters even in 2020.

While the next chapter of The Evil Dead series is still in the script drafting and pre-production stage, two things are confirmed: while Campbell will be involved in the project, he won’t be starring in Evil Dead Rise since he called it quits on the franchise a while back. And Lee Cronin who directed The Hole in the Ground has been locked in to helm. Details beyond that remain scarce, but as soon as we learn more, we’ll be sure to let you know.