Fans suggest a sledgehammer-wielding DC superhero should be rebooted with an absent Marvel star

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Image via Warner Bros

In the 1990s, things were very different. People of different political views mostly got along, you could afford to buy a home at a young age, and society thought Shaquille O’Neal might be destined for stardom with Steel. He was not; the character — who is a supporting role to Superman in the comics — has languished ever since, but, for fans, there is a path back to on-screen success.

A new post on Reddit argues Mike Colter of Luke Cage fame would be the best choice to resurrect the character in the yet again readjusted DCU. Some say his persona would be perfect for the role based on Netflix’s two-season-long Marvel series, but, for others, the preferred choice is to find fresh talent.

Another poster touches on a similar situation to the one around the Flash and actor Grant Gustin. While people called for him to play the character on the big screen only to see Ezra Miller get the job, it is hoped Wolé Parks will not suffer a similar fate and his version of John Henry Irons (AKA Steel) will get to be introduced to a wider audience.

While these choices comprise much of the sentiment, another adds Warner Bros. Discovery should just take a punt and do what it did in the past by bringing in another athlete to replace another, albeit to a divisive reception from the public.

Assuming the current plan for DC Comics on the screen lasts long enough and is not rebooted yet again in the next few years, anything is possible. For now, nothing is confirmed, aside from the next films in the newly-minted DC Universe being The Flash and Shazam! Fury of the Gods.