Gargoyles Star Says He’d Be Interested In A Live-Action Reboot


In the eyes of many fans, Disney are seriously missing a trick by not rushing to capitalize on the resurgent popularity of Gargoyles. The beloved 1990s animated series was one of the first titles to trend following the launch of Disney Plus in late 2019, as new and old viewers alike flocked to check out the cult classic that still more than holds up today.

Supporters began campaigning for a revival, and they found a significant ally in creator Greg Weisman, who admitted that he’d very open to returning to Gargoyles for additional episodes. If that wasn’t enough, Marvel’s comic book series has skyrocketed in value since the show’s visibility has increased, and new merchandise has already sold out due to unprecedented demand.

The concept could easily be utilized as the basis for a live-action movie with a strong CGI element, something Get Out and Us‘ Jordan Peele was interested in tackling in 2018 when he pitched the Mouse House. It never amounted to anything, but Weisman said he’d love to get the project back on track.

Stars Keith David and Marina Sirtis have both confirmed they’d be down to reprise their respective roles in either an animated or live-action reboot, and we can now add Clancy Brown to that list. The veteran character actor voiced several characters in Gargoyles, and in a new interview he revealed that he’d definitely be interested in a fresh spin on the source material.

“Yeah, that was a good little series. That was a time when Disney was saying we don’t want the regular, you know, the usual suspects so they kind of branched out and opened up to live-action actors that were interested in pursuing it. They had a good team together to direct them and write and everything. That was a lot of fun… That would be interesting. There’s nothing they can’t do now with CG and everything. It’s kind of amazing. Whatever you want to do, I guess you can do.”

The fans want it, the cast is game, the creator would love to see it happen, and The Witcher and Moon Knight writer Beau DeMayo has even offered to pen the script, but the decision on the future of Gargoyles ultimately rests in the hands of Disney, and they’ve yet to pull the trigger.