Disney’s Gargoyles Is More Popular Than Ever Right Now


When Disney Plus first launched in November 2019 and allowed customers to access almost the entirety of the Mouse House’s back catalogue from the comfort of their own homes, one of the first titles to start trending was animated series Gargoyles, once again reinforcing its reputation as a cult classic.

The show gained so much momentum and traction online that fans began campaigning for a revival, something that was publicly supported by creator Greg Weisman. Although the buzz eventually petered out and there’s been no word from either Weisman, Disney or any of the key members of the voice cast regarding new content for close to a year now, Gargoyles has nonetheless been shifting more comic books and merchandise than at any point in its history.

Marvel published an eleven-issue comic book run in 1994, and while a copy in decent condition was available for around $20 this time last year, a recent auction saw the winning bid for a pristine issue of Gargoyles go as high as $810. Not only that, but it was announced last month that a brand new toy line was in the works from collectible manufacturers NECA, and shortly after the news broke, the company had to put rules in place for retailers due to unprecedented demand.

Weisman has revealed previously that he doesn’t hold any sort of ownership or creative control over the property, but looking at the Gargoyles renaissance on Disney Plus, the comics rapidly appreciating in value and the first new action figures in over two decades leading to massive demand, there’s clearly still plenty of earning potential left in the brand, which is an avenue definitely worth exploring further whether it be in animation or live-action.