Disney Reportedly Bringing In George Lucas To Help Fix Luke In Star Wars: Episode IX


It sounds like Disney, in a precarious position now after the disaster of Solo: A Star Wars Story, are seeking help from someone who knows Star Wars like none other.

Yup, the latest word on the Episode IX rumor mill is that none other than George Lucas has been brought on board to help polish up the script and guide J.J. Abrams down the right path as he puts the finishing touches on the finale to the Mouse House’s new trilogy. The movie will be a make or break release for the studio, after all, thanks to the unfairly maligned Last Jedi and the fairly maligned Solo, and it makes sense that they’re now doing everything they can to win back fans who might be finding themselves a little Star Wars‘d out at the moment.

We advise taking this with a grain of salt, as the intel comes from Express who classify it as a rumor, but according to them, Lucas had a hand in “numerous sequences to fine-tune some of the legacy characters and their interactions with some of the Sequel Trilogy characters.” Not only that, but apparently the filmmaker also directed Abrams “with Mark Hamill in exactly how the character of Luke Skywalker should be done,” with the studio hoping to avoid the backlash they saw with him in The Last Jedi.

Depending on what you think of his talents, the resurrection of George Lucas as a creative force in that galaxy far, far away might make you cheer or groan at this news. Personally, I say that so as long as he’s only handling the story beats and plotting, and leaving the dialogue to others, this could be just the creative shot in the arm Star Wars: Episode IX needs.

After all, Disney has spent so much time and effort trying to ape the style of the Original Trilogy ever since they acquired the franchise, so why not just go back to the source?