GLAAD Calls To Cancel J.K. Rowling Amidst Anti-Trans Tweets

JK Rowling

J.K. Rowling has been the subject of controversy ever since she made comments which many deem transphobic and in a recent statement, Anthony Ramos, a spokesperson for the LGBT activist group GLAAD, pointed out the awkward contradiction between the ideas which the writer upholds in her fiction and the ones she preaches in real life.

For context, this whole debacle started when Rowling responded to a news article which argued that governments should put in greater effort to make COVID-19 care more accessible to “people who menstruate.” In her response, the writer implied there is a word for such people, and that word is “women.”

Many fans regard Rowling’s comment as offensive because the term “women” is not inclusive enough. As they have pointed out to her, there are many different groups of people who do not identify as women, including those who prefer terms like transgender, non-binary and gender non-confirming, who also menstruate.

In response to this widespread criticism, Rowling posted a series of Tweets in which she tried to argue that biological sex was real. This standpoint, which the LGBT community also regards as highly offensive and non-inclusive, caused the writer to be criticized even further.

At the bequest of GLAAD and other organizations, various companies and people associated with Rowling have now issued statements expressing their disagreement with her transphobic opinions, and reaffirmed their support for social justice. These include, but are not limited to, Warner Bros., as well as Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint.

But circling back to Ramos, and he recently called for the cancellation of Rowling, saying:

“A generation raised on J.K.’s own books about embracing differences is now making their voices loud and clear and if she refuses dialogue, then companies that partner with her should tell the community where they stand.”

“Studios, networks, and brands affiliated with J.K. Rowling owe it to their transgender employees and consumers to speak out against her inaccurate and hurtful comments.”

And Ramos’ point is certainly a powerful one. After all, the Harry Potter books that made J.K. Rowling a household name around the globe preach universal themes such as self-acceptance, tolerance and individualism, none of which are compatible with the writer’s comments.