Halloween Kills Producer Hopes To Debut The First Trailer Soon


A huge number of Hollywood’s biggest movies have been scrambling to find new release dates following the massive impact that the Coronavirus pandemic has had on both theater chains around the world and the industry as a whole. While there’s no issue in moving a big budget blockbuster back by a few months, upcoming horror sequel Halloween Kills doesn’t exactly have the same luxury.

Based on the title alone, the twelfth installment in the long-running series is virtually obligated to arrive right around the titular celebration of all things scary, and the marketing campaign wouldn’t make much sense if it didn’t. Seven of the eleven movies hit theaters in the month surrounding Halloween, and given how much respect David Gordon Green and Danny McBride’s reboot/sequel hybrid showed to John Carpenter’s classic original, you would imagine that Blumhouse and Universal would be keen to maintain tradition.

That being said, we’re now less than four months away from Halloween Kills’ intended release date, and we haven’t even seen a trailer yet. Things are slowly but surely starting to return to some sense of normality around the world though and in a recent interview, producer Jason Blum confirmed that not only is he hoping that the first official footage will be revealed in the near future, but he’s maintaining the position that Michael Myers will be back on our screens by the end of the year at the latest.

“We’re trying to get that trailer out, and trying to get that movie out by the end of the year. That’s our hope, dream, and plan. We’ll see. If you liked the previous one, you’ll like this one, I’ll say that.”

Shooting was completed before the entire planet went into a state of lockdown, so presumably there are only some finishing touches needed in post-production to whip Halloween Kills into screen-ready shape, and based on what the key members of the cast and crew have been saying about the movie so far, October can’t come quick enough for longtime fans of the franchise.