Halloween Kills Sneak Peek Coming This Weekend


Producer Jason Blum had always hoped that Halloween Kills would be released this year, but given the continued uncertainty surrounding the immediate future of the theatrical industry, not to mention the fact that the title of the movie itself meant it was virtually obligated to be released in October, the decision was made to push both the second and third entries in the rebooted trilogy back by twelve months.

Fans were understandably unhappy at the news, especially when 2018’s Halloween was the best movie in the franchise since John Carpenter’s classic original 40 years previously, becoming a massive box office success in the process. Not only did it earn over three times as much as the previous highest-grossing installment, but the $255 million haul accounted for over 40% of the total earnings across all eleven movies.

The delay became an even harder pill to swallow when the announcement was accompanied by the first teaser trailer, which packed more atmosphere into thirty seconds that a lot of horror movies manage in their entire running time. We might have to wait over a year to see how Halloween Kills turns out in its entirety, but Geek Nation are hosting a live-stream with the Blumhouse head honcho this weekend and are promising an exclusive sneak peek at Michael Myers’ twelfth outing. It’s unclear what exactly it might consist of, but obviously, this is hugely exciting to hear about.

After all, everyone involved in Halloween Kills has been talking it up as a bigger, badder, more gruesome and altogether superior movie to the last one, which will only make the wait until October 2021 feel a whole lot longer. With any luck, then, this upcoming sneak peak will include some new footage to tide over the fans who were left so bitterly disappointed by the year-long delay.