Halloween Tracking Toward Franchise High With $50 Million Opening


After the premiere of the new Halloween at last month’s Toronto International Film Festival, the upcoming slasher sequel had some major figures projected for its box office performance, and as the release date edges nearer and the reviews continue to role in, predictions for the David Gordon Green-helmed film are only looking better.

While Variety are reporting that Michael Myers’ next big screen outing could yield upwards of $70 million from its North American opening, Universal are being a little more cautious and placing the figure at $50 million. Either way, the Blumhouse production is looking at a franchise high.

These figures would place Halloween’s opening weekend on at least a similar tier to such R-rated horror hits as The Nun ($53 million) and Hannibal ($58 million), albeit still falling short of the current record-holder for this category, It ($123 million). In any case, if the Blumhouse team hasn’t started work on a sequel already, it certainly looks like they’ll do so very soon.

In the meantime, we’ve recently been receiving a generous array of clips from Green’s feature. Just today, we saw a teaser in which an incarcerated Michael gets a visit from a team of true crime podcasters. Though the killer remains characteristically unresponsive to their queries, the crew does manage to get a strong response out his fellow prisoners when they produce Michael’s iconic mask.

Another video released this week shows Myers back in his hometown of Haddonfield, where he doesn’t get the warmest of welcomes from Laurie Strode. The clip ends with Jamie Lee Curtis’ character trying to shoot her old assailant, only for Michael to silently slip away.

We’ll see what else this presumed horror hit has to offer its audiences when Halloween arrives in theaters on October 19th.

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