Marvel Has Big Plans For Captain Britain In The MCU, May Join The Avengers


We’ve had nearly a decade of Captain America in the MCU, so when’s it going to be Captain Britain‘s turn? The franchise will soon introduce its first English superhero in the form of Kit Harington’s Black Knight, so it seems like the time for Brian Braddock to make his live-action debut could be nearing, and apparently, one name that Marvel has on their wishlist is Henry Cavill.

Sources close to WGTC – the same ones who revealed that General Ross will return in the She-Hulk series, which was backed up by trusted industry insider Daniel RPK last week, and that Wiccan will show up in WandaVision, which has also been confirmed – have told us that Marvel has big plans for the hero and that he could go on to join the New Avengers line-up, which will debut at some point in Phase 5. We weren’t given any specifics beyond that, but from what we understand, Captain Britain is going to be a key player in the MCU moving forward.

Circling back to Cavill, though, and while there hasn’t been any official confirmation of this to date, most signs are pointing to him having donned Superman’s cape for the final time in the DCEU. After the failure of Justice League, Warner Bros. have rebooted Batman in the form of Robert Pattinson and so it’s probable that they’ll do the same for Supes. Previous reports have pointed to WB looking for an actor a few years younger than Cavill who’s closer to Pattinson’s age as well.

Given that he’s probably not tied to the DCEU anymore, then, it would be a smart choice for Marvel to snap him up for Captain Britain. After all, Cavill has an ardent fanbase amongst the superhero community, so they’d have a ready-made fandom to bolster a brand that isn’t perhaps one of their most well-known properties. Which would be especially helpful if indeed their plans for the hero are as big as our sources are saying they are.