Henry Cavill Reportedly Made A Lot Of Enemies By Not Doing Shazam! Cameo

Henry Cavill

The story of Henry Cavill’s cameo in Shazam!, or more accurately lack thereof, has been the subject of much chatter over the years. Director David F. Sandberg clearly doesn’t hold any grudges in regards to having to end his movie shooting a stunt double from the neck down, though, and even trolled fans wondering why the DCEU’s canonical Superman never made his presence felt on set.

Naturally, in the wake of Cavill being continually sidelined by Warner Bros. and DC Films over the last few years, there’s been talk that it’s a personal thing. Insider Grace Randolph in particular has pushed the narrative that the actor has a likeability problem behind the scenes and doesn’t want to play the Hollywood political game, and his refusal to appear in Shazam! unless he was paid big money and got to choose the director for a potential Man of Steel 2 was one of the driving forces that led to the studio rebooting Superman without him. Randolph has now doubled down on that by claiming that Cavill made a lot of enemies by not showing up in the film, as you can see below.

We should point out that the actor unfollowing the WB/DC social media accounts is something that’s been called into question as it’s unclear if he actually followed them in the first place, and you’d imagine that Warner Bros. could have exercised a contractual option and essentially forced him to appear in Shazam! even if he was against the idea. The comic book adaptation also shot while the star was sandwiched in between Mission: Impossible – Fallout reshoots in the United Arab Emirates and pre-production for The Witcher in Hungary, so scheduling may have played a part as well.

In any case, while Randolph might have a decent enough track record with DC-related scoops on occasion, let’s not forget her infamous Twitter battle over Birds of Prey where she argued about cut scenes and dropped storylines with Cathy Yan, the person who actually directed the spinoff. With that in mind, it’s best to take this Shazam! speculation with a pinch of salt.