Henry Cavill Teases That He’ll “Totally Probably” Be Back As Superman Soon


We last saw Henry Cavill suit up for his third appearance as Superman in November’s Justice League, which featured the Man of Steel reborn and given a new brighter outlook. It left many DC fans hungry to see more of this traditional take on Supes but, due to the future of the DCEU still being figured out, we don’t know when Cavill will be back in the red cape. That being said, the actor has now hinted that it could happen sooner than we think.

The British star shared a video of himself working out on his Instagram page this week and in his caption, he jokingly encouraged fans to vote for him in MTV’s Teen Choice Awards by teasing that it could get him back in character as Superman soon, before saying that it was “totally probably” likely that it’ll happen all the same.

Check out his post below:

If Cavill’s indeed promising fans that Superman will return to the big screen soon, we may know when that is. There’ve been rumors for months now that Clark Kent will be showing up in Shazam!, which wrapped filming back in May. Cavill’s own manager’s even teased it.

As for how he’d factor into the story, well, it’s been reported that Superman will be teenager Billy Batson’s inspiration to become a superhero, a wish he’s granted when he gets the power to turn into a super-powered adult (Zachary Levi). If this is the case, then Superman won’t show up for more than a cameo, which is fine by us, as we’d just be happy to see him back on screen.

While the character’s future in the DCUE might still be unknown, we have got some fascinating glimpses at the beginning of Cavill’s Last Son of Krypton over the last few weeks. Director Zack Snyder recently shared a few photos from pre-production on Man of Steel which showed us Cavill wearing Christopher Reeve’s classic Superman suit and the first time he wore his own DCEU version of the character’s costume.

It’s all been enough to tide us over until now but at this point, we’d really love some concrete info on where the Man of Steel may show up next. Fingers crossed for that Shazam! cameo, eh?