We Can Be Heroes Sequel Reportedly In The Works At Netflix

We Can Be Heroes

No one can deny that audiences love a good comic book-style movie, and Robert Rodriguez’s We Can Be Heroes, the other big Christmas Day superhero streaming release featuring Pedro Pascal, has been doing big numbers on Netflix, comfortably sitting as one of the top films on the platform ever since debuting.

For those who haven’t seen it, the pic follows Missy Moreno, the daughter of retired sword fighting hero Marcus Moreno (Pascal), who finds herself taken to a secret bunker along with the other children of ‘Heroics’ when their parents are all captured by aliens. Quickly realizing they aren’t safe, Missy leads the group against their enemy to save not only their moms and dads, but the entire world.

Though not a perfect movie by any means, We Can Be Heroes certainly boasts enough wit, charm and imagination to make for an enjoyable watch and now, The Hollywood Reporter brings word that Netflix is so impressed with its performance that they’ve ordered up a sequel. And sure enough, Rodriguez is expected to return.

Of course, plot details and the like are non-existent at this very early stage, but it’s no real surprise that a follow-up is now in development. After all, most of the streaming giant’s top original movies tend to get sequelized, with Netflix desperate for more big franchises to call their own.

And in the case of We Can Be Heroes, there’s certainly a ton of potential there for further stories to be told in the same world and even possible spinoffs for some of the more popular characters. Indeed, we can only guess where Rodriguez’s imagination will take us next and we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as additional details emerge.