Hugh Jackman Will Consider A Face/Off Remake With Ryan Reynolds On One Condition

Face Off

The ongoing online battle between Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds has become the stuff of legend, with the two A-list stars never missing out on an opportunity to take shots at each other, and that even includes creating marketing campaigns for their non-Hollywood ventures entirely for the purpose of cracking a joke at the other’s expense.

They might have called several truces in the past, but it seems that their battle will continue to rage on for a while yet. The two X-Men alumni have been friends for well over a decade at this point having met on the set of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and it’s been a source of real frustration for fans that their only big screen collaboration to date has been in one of the worst comic book movies of the 21st Century.

With Jackman having retired from the role of Wolverine, Reynolds’ Deadpool 3 now in development at Marvel Studios and the X-Men getting a reboot of their own, the chances of them sharing the screen as their signature characters in the world’s biggest franchise are looking increasingly slim. And what a shame that is.

Face Off

Having the two of them team up in the same project would be a no-brainer, after all, and it seems incredible that nobody in the industry is throwing pitches their way on a constant basis. However, in a recent interview, Jackman was asked about the prospect of remaking Face/Off with himself and Reynolds substituting for Nicolas Cage and John Travolta, and he didn’t completely rule out the idea, explaining that he’d consider it on one condition, which is as follows:

“I have not heard that. Is it possible to shoot it where we are actually never together? Is that possible?”

A Face/Off reboot was announced last year, and while it sounds like a terrible idea given the original’s status as an all-time action classic, having Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds in the lead roles would instantly make it one of the most hotly-anticipated titles in development. In fact, now that we’ve heard it out loud, we want to see it happen as soon as possible.