Hugh Jackman Poses In Front Of Ryan Reynolds’ Face Mask Poster

Ryan Reynolds

The internet would explode if Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds ever teamed up to star in the same movie, with the wonderful idea of having them play the lead roles in a remake of Face/Off making the rounds recently. Obviously, the bickering duo have shared the screen before, but the less said about the disastrous X-Men Origins: Wolverine the better.

The two have remained firm friends ever since, though, and their social media feud has thrown up countless gems over the years. Jackman and Reynolds simply can’t resist taking shots at each other, whether it be on their respective birthdays or the friendly rivalry between Laughing Man Coffee and Aviation Gin, with the Deadpool star admitting that he created an ad for his company for the sole purpose of making fun of Jackman’s.

Despite calling a truce on their rivalry to benefit a good cause, the A-listers have still been a regular presence on each other’s social media feeds as of late, and Jackman happened to stumble upon a poster of his archenemy while out and about this week that he couldn’t help but add a love heart to, which you can see below.

Ryan Reynolds is currently staking his claim for being the single busiest man in Hollywood having just wrapped Netflix’s Red Notice before jumping straight into the streaming service’s time travel movie that reteams him with Free Guy director Shawn Levy, and the video game inspired action blockbuster also hits theaters in a matter of weeks. Fans might not get to see him co-star with Hugh Jackman any time soon, then, but at least their social media battle will continue to deliver the goods until the surely inevitable team-up happens.