Idle Hands Is Getting A Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray This May


They say that Idle Hands are the devil’s playthings, but does the devil have Blu-ray? Well, if he doesn’t, he’s going to be missing out! The 1999 stoner-horror-comedy classic has been building its devoted cult following since its admittedly lackluster debut in theaters and now, this turn of the century flick is getting its “definitive” Blu-ray release on May 12th, 2020, per Scream Factory.

According to Bloody Disgusting, director Rodman Flender is coming back to provide new commentary and he also approved new artwork for the Blu-ray jacket, which looks pretty sick (see below). Scream Factory’s also working hard on securing cast members, like The Fanatic‘s Devon Sawa (who’s not Macaulay Culkin), Seth Green and Jessica Alba for some of the extra features. Only time will tell if they’ll return, but in the case of the first two, I would be kinda shocked if they didn’t pop up somewhere.

My first thought here? Rodman Flender sounds like an Alan Smithee kinda name, but I’m just being a dumb jerk. My second thought? Hell yeah, this movie rules. I remember the first time I saw it on late night USA, back when they used to just show cheap horror flicks later in the evening. I immediately fell in love with Jessica Alba, who’s a full-on smoke show. Also, it’s funny and I like a nice dose of good-humored, genuine pot jokes.

Honestly, I feel like this movie would do much better if released these days as well. While the aesthetic is extremely 1999, it would be looked back at with fondness of a time gone by instead of spotlighting some lazy stoners. Boo to those old folks who made Idle Hands a flop when it originally came out. And yay to us millennials who are reviving it. Bring on the sequel!