Is ‘Frozen 3’ confirmed to be coming out soon?


Frozen is one of the biggest film franchises in recent history. When the first Frozen hit cinemas in 2013, it quickly became a smash hit due to its stunning animation, surprisingly original storyline, and its highly memorable songs, including the smash hit “Let It Go.” 

The film got a sequel in 2019, called Frozen 2This movie was also a hit with fans and critics alike. But, right now, the internet is abuzz with people questioning if Frozen 3 will be coming out soon.

Why are people talking about ‘Frozen 3’? 

The hype for Frozen 3 came about due to Kristen Bell’s appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Bell, who played Princess Anna in both films, was asked by Fallon if she could announce anything about Frozen 3. Bell responded by saying: “I would like to officially announce with zero authority: Frozen 3.” But she followed it up with: “Please bear in mind I did say zero authority, because I can’t do that.” 

Fallon responded to the statement with: “But there could be something maybe in the works and maybe happening. Maybe,” to which Bell responded: “I’ll keep it mysterious. But I know Idina recently said she would do it. And I feel like if we’re all in, like, what are we waiting for?” 

This obviously set the internet on fire with people wondering if this meant Frozen 3 was really in the works and pondering if this segment was an official but stealthy confirmation.  

Has anyone else talked about ‘Frozen 3’? 

Idina Menzel, the actress who voices Elsa in the Frozen films, has confirmed she would be open to doing Frozen 3 if it ever happenedDuring an appearance on Shop Today With Jill Martin in JuneJill asked Menzel: “Frozen 3, is that a thing?” Menzel responded by saying, “I hope so. I hope it is. But I don’t know.” She went on to add she would play the character “anytime” before saying, “I can be 80 and play a blonde animated girl who is, like, 15. Who’s got amazing arms, by the way, I love that about her.” 

But it should be noted Menzel’s phrasing suggests she would come back for Frozen 3, not that anything is currently in development. 

However, while Menzel and Bell have responded positively to the question, some others involved in the films have previously denied the possibility of Frozen 3. In 2019, Cinemablend’s Eric Eisenberg did an interview with the Frozen 2 cast, and in that interview, he asked about Frozen 3. Peter Del Vecho, the film’s producer, responded that the two films feel like a “complete journey.” Jennifer Lee, the film’s writer and director, added: “It feels complete to me.” But he notes that Chris Buck, the film’s other writer and director, says to “ask him in a year.” 

When Collider asked Marc Smith, Frozen 2’s director of story in 2020, he said Frozen 3 hadn’t been talked about, saying that: 

We have not had that discussion. I think Frozen 2 is still too close to everyone’s minds and ideas to, to think about what happens beyond, beyond that.

Josh Gad, the voice of Olaf, was asked about a third film during an interview with in 2020. He said that: 

I don’t know. I mean, here’s the deal. Frozen II wasn’t Frozen II until there was a reason to exist. And similarly, I don’t know if and when there will be a Frozen III. That’s way above my pay grade, but what I can tell you is this: There was an opportunity to take these characters and bring again a sense of hope and inspiration. And it’s why the team at Disney and I teamed up on the past couple of weeks to do At Home with Olaf.

In April this year, Jonathan Groff, who plays Kristoff in the movies, also went on Fallon’s show and, while talking about his then-upcoming show Mindhunter, he said:

I feel like, even though those projects seem very different, Frozen and Mindhunter, I feel like a third Frozen and a third season of Mindhunter are equally possible.

What does this mean for ‘Frozen 3’? 

While many members of the Frozen cast seem keen to return for Frozen 3, it doesn’t seem like it is currently in the works. If it is, it is in the very early phases, and likely won’t be seen for many years.

It should be noted that the cast could be returning for a Frozen project that isn’t Frozen 3. The cast has previously reprised their roles in various configurations for shorts like Frozen FeverOlaf’s Frozen Adventure, and Once Upon a Snowman, as well as returning for Epcot’s Frozen Ever After ride. 

So, while Frozen 3 might not be on the cards, there are situations where Bell could reprise her role as Anna without the rest of the Frozen cast being involved. 

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