‘Jurassic World’ newcomer is the latest to support a ‘Fast & Furious’ crossover

vin diesel fast & furious 9
via Universal

It almost certainly won’t be, but much of the marketing for Jurassic World Dominion has been touting it as the conclusion to the epic franchise that first began almost 30 years ago, even if a lot of people aren’t buying the finality for a second.

The reason is simple; the Jurassic saga is one of Universal’s two most lucrative franchises, and the other one is also gearing up for a race to the finish line. The prehistoric blockbuster series and Fast & Furious have combined to enhance the studio coffers by over $11 billion, so we’re very skeptical that the boardroom would allow both of them to end at roughly the same time.

However, we’ve since heard cast members of both properties weigh in on the possibility of a crossover between the two, which sounds so utterly insane that there’s a distinctly high possibility it would be the greatest film in the history of cinema. Speaking to That Hashtag Show, Dominion newcomer DeWanda Wise is fully on board with the concept.

“It’s Universal, so it would have to be The Fast and the Furious. What else can they do? They’ve already been to space!”

Colin Trevorrow has already laughed off the mere notion of the two worlds colliding, while everyone from Tyrese to Ludacris has weighed in with their own opinion. Do we want to see Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto and the rest of the family speeding away from rampaging dinos in souped-up muscle cars? Of course, we’re not monsters, but it’ll have to remain a flight of fancy unless something drastic changes.